Product Description
The Art Upstart is no ordinary art book. It tells the inspirational story of someone who was a brilliant artist as a child but who stopped dead in his tracks when his father died tragically young – when James was just 13 years old.
The one morning, 40 years later, with no warning – James woke up with all consuming need to paint again. The drive to do it was like the sexual drive of youth. He had stored up hundreds of abstract images. He also had a story to tell – a big story; 225 paintings. He was willing to risk a great deal to tell it, even though he had no formal artistic training. In doing so unheralded, he embarked on a remarkable emotional and spiritual journey through his work. He was to become The Art Upstart.

About the Author
James Hogan is a partner with a leading corporate communications company, College Hill. A former broadcaster, he was editor of BBC TV’s Question Time, worked for Zenith Productions which made Inspector Morse and Spitting Image, and for SelecTV which made Birds of a Feather and Lovejoy.
He’s had an outstanding career in broadcast TV producing some of Britain’s best loved shows. But James Hogan, a self-titled Art Upstart, has also found that his art has massive appeal – online.

Since late 2009, James has blogged anonymously about his paintings and life growing up in a family of working-class Irish immigrants. Month by month, his posts and twitter updates gained an international following from Japan to Peru, all encouraging him to launch an exhibition. Now, a year on from when he first started painting, his work has received tremendous critical acclaim and his first public exhibition opened in Cork Street, Mayfair.

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