‘The Art Upstart is an intriguing and compulsive read. Four years ago James, after a professional career in broadcasting and financial PR, started to paint.
The paintings, inspired by elements of his life, are striking abstract compositions executed with his trademark passion and energy. Autobiographical, they started to weave his story, and then came the words about the paintings, about his life and how he challenges the establishment. In this book he explains how the two strands run inexorably together.
The project continues. This is just the start.
Claire Bailey-Coombs – Former Specialist Christies

‘By combining his personal odyssey with the story of time, James Hogans paintings provide a unique and insightful intellectual challenge. The result is a rare collision of pulsating colours and exploding ideas’
Chris Blackhurst – Evening Standard

‘This book makes art a living, breathing thing like television’
Adam Boulton – Sky News

‘This is a truly remarkable story’
Greg Dyke – Former Director General BBC

‘When the Fairy Godmother is asked what is the explanation for her magic, she replies ‘It helps if you dream…’ James Hogan writes about his lifelong dreams and then makes them come true, as you will learn in this inspiring book’
Sir David Frost

‘This is a terrific book that brings art alive’
Sir Trevor McDonald

‘The Art Upstart is an inspirational read that links world events and art, taking it to a massive audience’
Andrew Neil – BBC Broadcaster & Writer


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