Details of exhibitions showcasing James’ work.


“RED by James Hogan”

at Chelsea Town Hall.

Exhibition of the complete RED collection at the Chelsea Town Hall, 10th of January. Virtual Alien as the Courtier from the court of King George the Third presenting the paintings.

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“RED by James Hogan”

at The Crypt, St.Martin-in-the-Fields.

Nick Peterson/Virtual Alien presenting the show set at the court of King George the Third. A show produced by Tom Norwood. Performed at St Martins in the Fields in London, Trafalgar Square.

After unveiling each new painting on an easel, Virtual Alien stepped down from the stage with the painting and carried it over the audience seated in semi-circle and is presented before the eyes of each spectator. Just like it was done at the the court of King of George the Third.

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“James Hogan the Art Upstart”

at Cork Street Gallery.

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