Express – Fine Talent is Reborn

Four years ago James Hogan picked up his palette knife, uncapped his oils and started painting again. It was the first time he had done so since the age of 13 when his father’s death stopped his childhood talent in its tracks.

But after pursuing a career in broadcasting and financial PR he woke one morning fired again by the need to paint. He has since created 25 impressive and colourful canvases dealing with subjects as personal as Christ and as global as the events of 9/11. His aim is to create another 200.

Unwilling to capitalise on his contacts James established a website: and exhibited his work anonymously. Following a ‘’tremendous reaction ‘’ he has written this book and this week a show of his work opened in Cork Street, the heart of London’s art establishment.

His hope is that people will respond to his art as they want but the book tells his remarkable story and explains what inspired him. ‘’I had no idea that when I went back to painting I was embarking on such an emotional and spiritual journey.