City A.M. – Big Picture

How’s this for unusual extracurricular shenanigans, courtesy of James Hogan, a partner at city spinners college Hill. Hogan is a keen oil painter in his spare tie, who tells me he has worked ‘’every weekend and holiday’’ on his art since taking it up again four years ago.

And now, he’s ready to show the product of his endeavours – at a Cork Street exhibition in the week commencing 7 June.

‘’I found that I had stored hundreds of abstract images in my head and that I had a story to tell, ‘’Hogan says of his sprawling work, which consists of three ‘chapters’ of 75 paintings each. ‘’It is an abstract story which interweaves my life-story, reading of history and philosophy. The work is also very contemporary, tackling difficult subjects, including 9/11 and Haiti, in what I hope is a beautiful way…”